Apps for 32 bit Haiku

I am new here. I am trying haiku 32 bit on real hardware using live usb 32 bit. I dont find Paladin and Caligra in the haiku depot. Are applications available only for 64 bit ?

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BTW, it’s just “Haiku”, not “Haiku OS”. :slight_smile:

Both apps are available for 32bit Haiku. Are you running Beta2? Are you using the correct repositories. You can check in Terminal and post the output of

uname -a ; pkgman list

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why not just “pkgman install paladin”?

Paladin at least is available for 32bit (outdated version), Caligra doesn’t show up in the depot? (!/?bcguid=bc1-ATIX&repos=fatelk,haikuports&arch=x86_gcc2&viewcrttyp=FEATURED&srchexpr=Caligra)

That’s the point, why there is not updated new version available?
I asked Adam Fowler months ago about this new version, and I had to compile it myself!
It was working! And now similar situation.

I got the new Paladin version to try out, and it works nicely!
There are big communication problems between Haiku developer and Haiku porter team, as I experienced.
It is easy to get a great running Paladin app to work!
But it is a bit of a mess to get the right version running!
So you have to communicate better. Haiku devs and Haiku porters!


As a shortcut you can try to update the recipe and create a pull request at HaikuPorts. No need to wait for somebody else.

Maybe for some it’s easy, as Adam hasn’t replied yet to the open Issue I filed in regards of the failing 32bit version (and a proposed fix I mentioned there), there is no solution for it yet (I’m not a developer (again) so I don’t know if the proposed solution works ok for all).
There is an open PR at Haikuports which you can build with haikuporter for 32bit, but until I get a straight answer that the proposed solution is correct I’m not going to merge that (don’t want to break one of the primary apps on Haiku)

I am using beta2

As there hasn’t been any objections so far I merged the current PR for Paladin bringing it on par with latest source checkout, version is now available on both 32bit and 64bit, if anything comes up please respond to the open issue at:


Provided you’re using the correct repository URLs, maybe a "Refresh repositories"from HaikuDepot’s Tools menu will show the packages you’re missing.
If that doesn’t help, you can try to delete ~/config/cache/HaikuDepot.

Hi all. Apologies for not being on here in months. I’ve been heads down on COVID-19 related work for most of the year.

I’ve just gone though the issues for Paladin on GitHub and responded to all new ones, and added them to the next milestone.

If anyone has any issues they’ve not logged, no matter how minor, please head on over to and log them now.

I’ll still be busy on this work for 6-8 weeks I think, but I’ll be back at it from early November.

Thanks @Begasus for merging in that PR.


No worries @adamfowleruk, hope things are ok there and you and your family are doing fine, nice to see you back! :slight_smile:

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Very happy to see you healthy and well back here, I was afraid something bad happened to you, good to have you back!