Applications not displayed in chosen system language (not english)

Hello everyone,
New Haiku user, first post and probably not the last ! I’m using Haiku (beta 4) in french and most of the main applications are correctly displayed in my language. However quite a few installed from Haikudepot, remain in english : Bepodder, Calendar, Medo, Paladin… I’ve checked Polyglot to submit what I thought were missing translations but it’s all done for every applications in my language (100% in french). Am I correct tu assume that the translations submitted in Polyglot have not been implemented for the time being ? Or am I missing something ? Should all these apps be displayed in french ?
Thanks !

Welcome blioberis!

The packages for BePodder and Calendar available at HaikuDepot were packaged before the French translations were added. Medo doesn’t use the Locale preferences, but you can set French in its settings (and restart). Paladin doesn’t include the French strings, though it does appear that the french translation already is in its source tree.

Aside from Medo, it looks like you’d have to wait on updated packages.

If you have courage for that. Tipster itself is localized but not the tips. As a beginner with Haiku, that would be an opportunity to learn few things about it. (Franchement, je n’ai jamais trouvé l’envie de traduire et tester les astuces pour voir si je n’avais pas compris de travers.)
Medo localisation is not very good either. I guess part was done using a translator.

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Unrelated, but Tipster would also make a great addition to the release builds.

Thanks for the replies, i’ll wait for the packages to be updated then. I’ll look into translating the tips for Tipster, although I don’t have permissions yet. I’m asking now !

Translations done for the tips in Tipster. If a french seasoned user, familiar with Haiku terminology would be kind enough to check it, I’ll be happy to improve it. I’ve tried to be consistent with what is already been done, but some things may be wrong (drill-down menu is a hard one).

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Thanks @blioberis!
For our special Haiku terminology, you can check the i18n-fr Styleguide, the i18n-fr Terminology and in general the User Guide.

Once you are confidently familiar with Haiku terminology, you may want to fill in some common terms in Polyglot’s French Glossary. It is the basis for the “pre-ranslate” feature of Polyglot.

I guess that one can just be translated as “menu déroulant”?

Yes it could, but “menu déroulant” is what is used for drop-down menu. If you need to keep them distinct you’re in trouble.
Also they are different things, a drop-down menu is horizontal and has usually no submenu except when used as application menu. A drill-down menu can look more like an ordinary menu. In some cases, “menu contextuel” could fit better. There are examples of such menus in Tracker doc.

Or menu en cascade?, “menu contextuel” i believe is reserved for right-click menu?

That would be better indeed.

I really like “menu en cascade”, speaks to me. Our spanish friends went for “menu contextual de una carpeta” but italians are greeted with “menu contestuali a cascata” wich is quite the same. We can opt for the german approche “menu contextuel de navigation” = “Navigations-Kontextmenü”.
Related to my initial post, some part of the interface, outside apps, are not translated either : right-clic on desktop > new > every entry are in english except “nouveau dossier” (C++ header, Person…). Maybe a bug this time ?

Not a bug per se. The “New folder” is translated, because the menu entry is created in Tracker and can therefore be translated as any other string in the app. The other menu items come from the filenames of what’s in "/boot/home/config/settings/Tracker/Tracker New Templates". Not easy to change those on-the-fly when changing the locale.
You can add your own files there, and rename/translate the filenames.