Application Folders?

Good day,

I haven’t got much Haiku time lately, but I got plenty of thinking time, if you can call it that.

So I’ve been going around the idea of Application Folders in the following way:


  • The folder that holds the application has the same icon as the application with the tiny folder there (no need for the tiny folder though).
  • Inside the Applciation folder there is the application with any application related file that is owned by it.
  • The Application Folder has a boolean attribute set to true (AppFolder=true)

With that, double clicking on the AppFolder would launch the application inside the folder with same name. AppFolder and Application should have same name, of course. I presume this would need some core OS code, right?

Now, why the heck did I think of this?

  • Well, seems that with Python, I’m having issues in order to get things working as I want. Mainly because what I want does not comply with the way Python does things and how Haiku works (need to research deeper on both topics). Anyway, I think that having anything related to the Python app inside a single folder (the .so files as well as whatever), instead of things populating several folders would make it easier to plan, code, package, install and remove the app.

Now, the questions:

  • Does this approach make any sense?
  • Would this be some sort of uncompressed .hpkg?
  • If the answer to the prior question is yes, could hpkg be used in such way?