Apache or nginx for Haiku

What about a www server for Haiku. Apache or nginx installed locally with PHP and Mariadb or anyone interested in it.
This would give some stability tests for the Haiku system. The server could still have node js. I don’t know if poor man can be adapted to PHP?
Pack like easyphp or xamp or Laragon.

I have lighttpd running with PHP Version 7.4.8 on hrev54648 x86_gcc2.

What about MariaDB or inner MySQL system?

Port exist?

  • Apache: Yes (i.e. compiles, not fully tested)
  • lighttpd: Yes
  • MariaDB: No
  • MySQL: Yes. (i.e. compiles, not fully tested)
  • nginx: Yes
  • Node.js: Yes
  • PHP: Yes
  • PoorMan: Yes
  • PostgreSQL: Yes
  • RobinHood: Yes

Haiku has several light-weight web servers and databases available to use. Talk to the port maintainer for
guidance on full functionality and reporting bugs with the port.

Mongo DB or Ruby on Rails?

  • MongoDB: No
  • Ruby - Yes
  • Ruby on Rails: No (W-I-P)

It is in haikuports.