AoE or NBD implementation


Hello community,
I was thinking to share a hard disk over the network from a linux station, I was wondering:
Is this possible in Haiku?
So I started to search something like Ata over Ethernet or Network Bloc Device in the kernel drivers. ((iSCSI too complex for a home/personal operating system like Haiku)
I found a NBD driver, but there are no tutorials or mentions on the net about it.
I think it would be great to add a AoE functionality, anyway that NBD is what I’m thinking for or is it something completely different thing?
If it’s a network bloc device driver, how can we use it within Haiku?
Best regards



If you want to access it from Haiku could you not expose the share using Samba and then use Haiku’s FUSESmb?


It sounds possible. We indeed have a custom network block device that is used for network booting. But it does not get much use lately. You can look at the documentation for PxE booting which I think includes instructions to build and run the disk server.


For sure, anyway nbd and aoe have a complete control over the device (can handle partitions).


Thank you for the hint, I’ll take a look.


I had hope for native Age of Empires on Haiku, but that`s not the point here I guess.

Anyway - Network File System isnt this what youre searching for?ł_dziepak/2013-03-15_nfsv4_client_finally_merged/


@mmu_man wrote the NBD driver. Dunno if it still works, he would know, I think.


Yeah, last time I checked the protocol completely changed, so the current driver won’t work at all with newer servers. But I have ported NBDKit and the patches have been upstreamed, so we have some stuff to play with.