Anyone tried to port Slack to Haiku?

wait_for_objects, then sending back the list of objects sounds like it could be racy also. Like if something happens while you are sending the list back…

In that case wait_for_objects will immediately return, telling you that an event is already pending on one of the objects. this works the same as select/poll for file descriptors, and there are no problems with those in that regard.

Yeah that makes sense… so it’s just that it’s slower due to being less efficient.

Slack seems to be a browser issue, same error in otter/qupzilla. Webpositive loads general but side panel is not rendererd at all.

I guess Netsurf has the same problems.

Note there is a preliminary recipe I’m working on getting into haiku ports for slack++

I may have time to finish cleaning it up this evening.

What is slack++? I only found a chrome extension.

— maybe this in c++?
or c++ in slack?

It’s the command line client you originally posted…

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Except that doesn’t work, it is indeed a bug in wait for objects though. I haven’t gotten around to investigating yet.

For UV epoll code you would need that to work, but also have a fd that can be feed as input for the os close functions like a normal file descriptor, and/or autocloses on exit. As having a parent fd that polls some children fd.

Would it be possible for you to test the slack ncurses client? I could send you the packages.

I’m not 100% sure on how to set up the API token to get it to work so am wondering if you know how that works…

Sure, I only have 64 bit setup at work. email: mikael.konradson @ googles mail service.

Good day,

Well, everyone is talking about #Slack here, not sure why no one has thought of Rocket.Chat, which is a free, opensource, team communication.

Actually, I haven’t used any of those, mainly because I don’t use Slack for anything, and because to use Rocket.Chat, the ideal situation is host it on own server and grow the team from there.

I personally think Rocket.Chat makes more sense in Haiku, being both Open Source, though I sure do understand the need for Slack to some. Same as I need some apps in order to use Haiku for more tasks.


Just a suggestion, in the name of naive nativeness, why not BeShare? It’s a native BeOS/Haiku chat client using muscled server architecture. Muscle is still actively maintained by Jeremy. BeShare even allows file sharing using native Haiku file attributes. I really miss the old days of BeShare. It’s a lean, mean collaboration machine.

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For me it doesnt matter, we use Slack at work I cant force my collegues to use something else.


Fair enough.

TeamWords seems to be fully working if compiled against the latest QTWebKit. Maybe someone should create a pagackge?


This seems slightly newer and supposedly supports multiple teams. Both seem semi abandoned though.

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Yes and I got a warning that the browser support will soon be removed. I really hope QTWebEngine is ported soon.