Anyone seen this network error

I noticed this error last week, and it seems to affect webkit based web browsers. Initially, I thought it was my machine only as I had been playing with various things.

Just did a fresh install of Beta4, and without any updates it would display the website correctly, did a pkgman update, rebooted and get the following error

Any thoughts or ideas? This does not affect web engine browsers.

Please open a bug, if you can narrow down which haikuwebkit version this introduced that might help too.

ticket #18895

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Falkon displayed/rendered for me, however I had not clicked on it anywhere
except the Weather app on the upper right corner.

It had not changed to Delhi from “default” Toronto (I mean what displayed as loaded) when I selected. It had remained on Toronto - after randomly selected cities also had not changed to.

Webpositive : I can confirm.

Web : yepp, also.,

Try in Falkon - until not solved your ticket.

I saw that the ticket that I created had been reviewed, and the issue was internal to curl. I can confirm this, as I did a build of the latest curl source (8.7.1). and I had no trouble using Webpositive on that web site.

The webkit2gtk browsers however, still have the issue even with a new curl build.

Please add the info to the ticket :wink:
Here it does not help much.
In any case if it is fixed with a newer version of curl it could be rebuild.

Well, if it’s confirmed that’s a curl problem, the ticket should be on haikuports, so it’s not very useful to put more info in the haiku bugtracker?

Would you rather leave the ticket as is, confusing people in the future that encounter this?

If you really want to move it to haikuports atleast include a link in the tracker ticket for reference

Ticket on Haiku side closed to avoid confusion. Maybe you were a bit too fast in telling the original poster to open a ticket on Haiku side before conforming there was actually a bug on Haiku side?

To me a bug triggered from webkit is a bug for haiku in any case. Picking curl over netservices was a deliberate choice : )
I‘d be interested how far along netservices2 is among so we can integrate it

I‘m not sure what the point is to tell users to run to severall bugtrackers in such cases.
How do you expect users to figure out where the issue comes from exactly? It might aswell be a bug in the integration of curl.
That isn‘t really knowable before investigating the bug. And won‘t be known for anyone independently reporting the same issue.

That’s why users first ask on the forum, and we can direct them to the right place from here after a quick look at things.