Anyone interested in Porting Warpinator? [Edit: Port not technically possible at the moment]

[Edit: Thanks to @X512 for pointing out that Warpinator uses GTK3+, which is currently not supported on Haiku. If anyone is still interested, they will have to work on porting GTK first, then Warpinator.]

If you follow Linux, or more specifically, Linux Mint, you’ll have heard of Warpinator. For those who have not, Warpinator is a local network file-sharing application that allows you to share files between devices connected to the same network.

Whilst it is made by the Linux Mint team (and only available right now on Linux), the app is open source and has already been ported to Android. It would be great if Haiku could be another supported platform - it would give us a file transfer app that can work with Linux and Android systems - so is anyone willing to step in and work on a port of Warpinator? The app is quite simple so I imagine it won’t be too hard (I’m not a developer, though so I don’t know how accurate my judgement is). For anyone who is interested, the source code is here:

This is GTK 3+ application that is currently not supported. Use Dukto instead.

Ah, thanks for pointing that out - looks like I missed that detail when reading about it.

Looking at the dependencies it is a linuxy uninviting ducttape-patchwork.


Gerbera could be an option too (used MediaTomb before to share files over the network) :slight_smile: