Anyone has experience with dual booting and hybrid disk drive?

I have an older Thinkpad which I am considering to convert to a dual booting Windows 7 and Haiku. This is a shared family system and the idea is to have Haiku installed for exposure/training purposes.

In preparation for this process, I am considering upgrading the current hard drive to a larger hybrid hard drive - essentially a practical compromise on capacity, cost, and speed of access.

As I understand the workings of these hybrid hard drive is that the 8 GB or so of flash memory is acting as a fast cache. However, I am unsure if the caching is done by the drive it-self or by the operating system.

Anyways, is there anyone who has Haiku installed on such a drive - in a single or dual boot configuration? If so, is there an advantage (or disadvantage) for Haiku?

I will re-phrase my inquiry.

Is the control of the flash cache on a hybrid hard drive transparent to the operating system or is it requiring support from the operating system?

If it is the later, then I presume that Haiku cannot just yet take advantage of the full capabilities of a hybrid hard drive?

Hybrid drives such as Seagate’s firecuda drives are transparent to the OS. It should work fine with Haiku.