Anyone had any luck compiling/installing newer versions of Ruby on Haiku?

I’ve been trying to compile a newer version of Ruby on Haiku. I’ve worked all the way back to 1.9.2, but various errors happen during the ‘make’ process.

I did see someone raise a similar issue here:

Anyone know what is needed to get Haiku to compile and install Ruby from source?

Well Ruby 2.2.2 is currently available from HaikuDepot, so it must be possible… (:-))
The recipe for building it is on Haikuports, but not sure who was responsible. looks
like Alexander von Gluck and Hamish Hamilton.

Oh, that’s good to hear. I’m still running Alpha 4.1 while patiently waiting for Beta 1 to be released.

Aren’t we all… (:-/)
What’s the latest Ruby you have running? I have 1.9.1, which is about alpha-4 vintage, on my pre-PM system. Guess it came from HaikuWare. I can make it available if you need it.

I have 1.9.1 install from the the old installoptionalpackage client. I am defniitely looking forward to the beta. Get’s more exciting the closer Haiku reaches to R1.