Anyone else having these display issues with rev 50559?

Haiku leaves the first ~20 pixels of the top of my screen blank and extends about the same amount of pixels past the bottom of my screen so I can’t see the bottom of it. This didn’t happen with older revisions (before 50559 I was using a version from August which displayed everything as expected, I can’t remember the exact revision number).

This is difficult to explain so here’s an ugly text graphic, the black blocks represent the area used by Haiku, the lines are the limits of my screen (my resolution is 1024x600):


I want to add that this is a laptop, not a monitor connected to a desktop computer, there are no buttons to calibrate the screen.

Please submit a bug report, including a syslog, and a photo exhibiting the problem. You should be able to find the affected driver in Screen preferences.

Until the driver is fixed, you can force VESA mode by Blacklisting the effected driver. Either temporary from the boot options (boot while holding SHIFT), or making the blacklisting permanent, as decribed in the linked guide.


@korli I will submit it Bug report submitted here, I have the syslog and the affected driver is intel_extreme. I am unable to take a photo, the borders of the screen are bright black (same as the screen) and it is impossible to see the problem.

@humdinger Thank you, blacklisting the driver solved the issue. VESA mode still gives me the same resolution as the driver so everything works great even with the driver blacklisted.