Anyboot-CD - PANIC: did not found any boot partitions on all my systems?


Hi korli,

Great suggestion. One problem. The USB drive formatted by etcher is read only. So the kernel file cannot be easily modified to reset the “fail-safe video mode” in the config file.


Better explain what you are trying so we can help. Telling it is RO is not enough.


Normally, you shouldn’t need to edit any files in the USB drive in order to boot in fail-safe mode. You simply press Shift or the space bar on the keyboard when Haiku starts booting, and you should be presented with a menu with a few boot time options including fail safe video mode.

I have found, however, a few recent Mac laptops that wouldn’t boot totally and wouldn’t ever present the boot options menu. Could be an issue with USB 3 support, maybe. Not sure if it’s related to the difficulties you are facing…


Hi extrowerk,

Per the suggestion of korli, I tried to edit the kernel config file on the anyboot flash drive based on the links provided in his post. All files on the flash drive are “read only” and are unable to be edited. Hence the “fail-safe video mode” boot flag cannot be set.


Hi victordomingos,

Great suggestion. Tried both options. Boot with shift depressed and Boot with spacebar depressed. In both cases there was no menu with boot options. So still stuck.


That’s still not enough info. In which OS are you trying to edit that file? Linux have limited BeFS support, maybe your OS provides only RO mount support for it.
You really have to explain, how are you trying to edit it.
Notes: that file have to be writable in Haiku.


Hi extrowerk,

I used Linux to create the original flash drive and I used Linux to edit the flash drive as well.
My present Linux is Mint 19 XFCE.
I do not have any operating systems that support BeFS to my knowledge.


You can try to edit in a virtual machine: boot Haiku, mount the USB, edit the (correct!) file.
Or boot from USB in virtual machine.
The possibilities are endless, have fun.


If everything else fails, open the whole disk in an hex editor and replace the # by a space in front of the option.
I hope you don’t have to go that low level, however.