Any way to update from a nighty live?

Hi, i am having some probles to update, because server seems very slow and some package are unaccesible :frowning: it just broke my update randomly. I have a nigthy live usb from this week can i use it in any way to update my old haiku installation?

Yes, you can update your old Haiku installation using your USB. Simply boot the USB from your computer and install Haiku again - the Installer will keep all your files so after upgrading all your files will still be where you left them. Hope this helps!

but i remeber this way and it was not good when i try, just an inestable installation leave before i did that a year ago.

I tried it not more than 2 months ago and worked without any issue. I had backup just in case but it was not needed.

Someone, student or dev should look into this. Installer MBR, Efi, UEFI, to make it easier for the user to create a working USB-Media within Haiku.
I had to use Etcher-Software to make my Haiku USB-Media (stick, pendrive) to work!

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I really dont trust on that way :(, now i am trying manually package by package but now i am having a cheksum error from the repository with the userguides hpkg

In hrev54899 I have merged (just now) the remaining part of stippi’s work on enabling the package manager to resume interrupted downloads. Hope that helps.

One way to update from a newer haiku image that you downloaded (safer than erasing your existing install with installer):

  • Mount the new image (for example using “diskimage register haiku-new.iso” in Terminal)
  • pkgman install /haiku-new/system/packages/*.hpkg

This will update your system using what’s in the new image.

For the userguide, you can simply uninstall the versions you don’t need, before you do an update. It will save a lot of downloading.


Done, thanks now rebooting, seems like it work just fine but i had to unistall a lot of things and the other what i had installed is taking an abnormal time to upgrade :3 is a mess… dont know what to do at this point.

Now i am having a message that say “requesting range start 39484” and this go as a cycle forever :3

This is making my update imposible, what a terrible bug is that? D: :'C

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It work but now i am having this issue:

haiku_loader-r1~beta2_hrev54897-1-x86_64.hpkg [625.04 KiB]
Checksum error:
*** expected ‘17b5b54d6167e15ef05f8be39c324840742b1856c50298f45976a9cf9f499c27’
*** got ‘7c2280df238aa3ef455588b2f477a2e043921cfb80254d91f02619aca3044ed6’*** Failed to download package haiku_loader: Bad data
Validating checksum for

Ok i delete the states too and it just work again, Thank for you patience