Any VOICE chat possibilities on Haiku with WinWorld members?

Ahoy !

I would like to know

is there any VOICE chat possibility to talk with my friends using Haiku ?

As Chrome or Chromium not present I cannot talk with friends - besides phone calls - on Messenger. It does not work for me even on ported browsers, and also some of them do not have Facebook.

I found only qTox in the Depot, but I found - its development abandoned years ago …

So, is there any app or service via we could talk free ?..
I’m on Haiku , they are on Windows -

I do not have smartphone, before someone would suggest WhatsApp and derivatives …


The web version of Skype works fine in Falkon and Dooble. You just need to change the useragent to google chrome. Audio calls work for me.

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I see. Thanks for your answer.

Skype now works with MS user account - as it turned out some years ago for me.
I registered with a simple free mail account in the rising times, decades ago, but finally I had not used for years, as my partners also left it for other new services. Actually it had not enabled to login with my password, also I left that original mail service provider long ago, and switched everything from that to my gmail … except Skype. So when I wanted to revover my account they sent stuff to my old mail account, so I tried to know what other possibilities are … . now I should have an MS account to have Skype again. I thought : ‘Meh , then Ł*פ your Skype !’

Thanks for the hint - I consider - do I need an MS account - ( actually ) ? :))