Any tips on using Cortex?

Hi community -sorry for posting on an old thread (what is the proper forum etiquette in this case?)…
My question: should Cortex work (on VM recent 64bit nightly) in the following scenario?

I’m trying to connect the audio output of Falkon browser (e.g. shoutcast radio streaming) to the Cortex (using the ‘Equalizer 10 band’ audio plugin). (without Cortex audio is heard normally)

when I thought I got all the connection (nodes) wired up - the audio was choppy / not clear and I don’t think it was even being routed through the Equalizer.

If it should work: what are the steps (in order) to get it working (e.g. disconnect-start-stop, etc.)?

Thanks in advance

Might be an issue on Cortex Falkon’s side.
You could post the URL with the shoutcast so people can experiment. I only quickly tried with youtube, but the few instances it didn’t crash on loading the youtube page :roll_eyes: , I also just got bad distortions.

Experimenting with a native app like MediaPlayer, it does work. You may have to show the Transport window and click “Start” to have it spring into action.