Any one still using pearpc?

I have been looking into updating our recipe for pearpc at haikuports (still an old bep file around for it) at:
As one of the comments argued there could be a solution for this with qemu, are there any BeOS/Haiku users that still use pearpc (or switched to qemu for that now)?
If not I think it’s safe to remove the old bep file from the repository, cleans out remaining old bep files …

Given that it’s a .bep file and no one bothered to convert it to a recipe, I find it unlikely that anyone has been using it.

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Same thought here, wanted to give it a go, but if there is no one using it it’s useless to keep around.

Indeed, it is not developed anymore, and QEMU should now be able emulate a PPC Mac just fine.


Can it be used to run PPC BeOS?

@X512 the PR is there, shouldn’t be too hard to build it with haikuporter to check?

Seeing it will be obsolete the old bep file has now been removed.

@X512 no, because PowerPC BeOS requires MacOS 8.6 or less to boot and also never supported G3’s or later officially (not the G3 old world architecture, but possibly did run with some G3 processor upgrade cards in supported models.)