Any idea why the bootloader can't see the installed Haiku partition?

I could do with a bit of help… I have installed the latest Haiku on an old Dell laptop, and while the installation works fine, the Haiku bootloader cannot find the partition that contains Haiku. I have checked the bootloader log and it appears to find the drive?

Any ideas?

You have more then one hdd in your computer? The haiku bootloader can only see the partitions from that one you installed it.

**the old beos bootloader can see All hdd and partitions

I need to switch between hdds into my bios before i can start haiku, then i have run before my Windows system (on different hdds)

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Do you have any other hdd that you can disconnect?
What if you boot off USB and select your Haiku partition in the bootloader?

Thank you! I reinstalled it to the first hard drive, but that didn’t work… but you put me on the right track. I had to change the “SATA Operation” mode in the BIOS to AHCI, not the “Intel ® Smart Response Technology”. All working now. Thank you both!


Oh! :roll_eyes: maybe that’s part of the problems I am having in my MacBook Pro… I remember that the boot manager from BeOS used to be very reliable and very easy to use. I was hoping to find a similar experience in Haiku. I can see I was a bit too much optimistic and excited with this Beta :wink:

The haiku bootloader can see all drives and partitions. The only limitation is in the bootman installer, which can set up a menu only for a single drive. You could hand-build the data for a bootman install using multiple drives and it would work.

This is irrelevant to macbooks, as you will be using UEFI there and bootman cannot be used with UEFI.

I find this a bit confusing because the Installer and related tools don’t make explicit which ones apply or not.

The installer first message explains that it installs only a boot loader and no boot manager, and it’s up to you to set one up. There is nothing else to say there as there is no problem with the boot loader.

Bootman, when you install it, is pretty obvious about only allowing to pick partitions from one drive.

UEFI integration in beta1 is not done, so currently installing the loader is a manual process documented on the website. Improving this is part of our beta2 TODO list.