Any Haiku game programmers available?

I am interested in developing an arcade game, that runs exclusively in Haiku. Once it is developed, it will go into an arcade cabinet that is specifically designed for this game and placed into one or more local businesses. I’ve composed all of the music for it, And have a “teaser” Boss level in mind, to garner interest in the game itself.

I’m interested in knowing how much it would cost for someone to program a single level (Boss fight) of this game.

If curious, it’s a game fashioned after (inspired by) the Namco-programmed Atari Games classic, “Dragon Spirit”.


Take a look at egsl, this is a language for arcade games. Available for Windows, Haiku, linux?

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I liked a lot games like this, in particular 1941: Counter Attack was one of my favorites. When I was a child I made a clone using GameMaker :slight_smile:

However, the problem isn’t programming the game logic, it’s pretty simple. The graphics would be your primary concern.

Do you have some useful resources concerning EGSL?

Yes (not transfered to the new site at the moment)

Look at developent/egsl

If you use a current nightly, you can get problems with the lua version (5.3), so you need to install 5.2 iirc. Lorglas know more about it.


for EGSL you need lua 5.2. You can find it in Haikudepot under lua52.
If not, please post it.

it can be that you must uninstall lua first. then lua 52 to be installed, then you can reinstall lua.

If i have a timewindow, i just look that egsl run with lua5.3, but at the moment i’m busy

Now, egsl is running fine again on current nightlys. Install it from our repository server:


You can create games in yab (yet another basic) too.

I do some expierience with it. But they are not ready yet.

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I find this interesting. What would I need to be able to develop such a game?

Sadly the godot port still crashing but is a very good resource to a easy portability.

I write my games or better my example games with yab. The language and ide are available over haiku depot.

There is egsl, also available over haikudepot, but you need first add our repository to haikudepot. How to do this you can see on our website.

And here a list of egsl games:

The most of them are included the egsl ide as examples

Is there any working program created with godot, running on haiku? Do we have a ide for this language?

There are other games written in yab also available

Does Yab support sprites by chance (if that makes sense)?

Directly sprites like c64 times no, but you can use images to do a animated game sprite.

Godot is not a language itself and it only need a exporter to get all the games from godot.

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