Any Aussies looking to buy a BeBox?

I’ve got an old BeBox sitting on my shelf in Canberra. Just one of those projects that I never got around to getting running, and I’m moving overseas soon. It’s the 66MHz variety, but needs ram/HD/video, and I honestly can’t guarantee it runs. Would love it to go to someone who can give it the love it needs though.


I’m not in Australia. I used to own one of the 66’s… I would love to buy it, but lets be honest, it’s not something that can realistically be shipped back to Europe.

Hey Boomzilla. I am interested - any pics of the beastie?

I think this is the first one I have seen on Aussie turf!

Would be very interested if bronzie94 doesn’t snap this up. Canberra-based also.

The guy who ran for years (Andrew Lampart I think was his name, aka atlamp on the site) was an Aussie.

A BeBox now would be really handy because I’m trying to archive PowerPC software - if you guys want to get involved (as, hey - you won’t have much choice owning a BeBox) please feel free to get involved.

Hey guys, I posted a while back about about a BeBox available in Canberra, Australia… and then got a bit sidetracked by this global pandemic thing that happened and didn’t follow up.

If anyone is still interested, the BeBox is still available.

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Very interested. PM sent.

If only I’d not left Australia last year… damn!

The team who made the Skidmarks games on the amiga/megadrive were based in New Zealand, one of the guys was programming his bit of the Skidmarks unreleased sequel on his BeBox (or on a PowerMac running BeOS DR8), that machine may still be in the South Pacific area…
Forgot to add, he released his development version at the time, it was available on BeShare, Be’s website.
The file is skid82.tgz, you’ll find it on PulkoMandy’s archive.

Sorry for the off-topic, good luck with your sale.


(a pair of screenshots from the Amiga version found on the web)

Wow, didn’t knew about this wonderful game, I love top-down isometric racers!
Don’t know what is the licensing status of the code, or the state of the code itself, the readme inside the file from Pulkomandy’s archive just mentions “This version is free to all owners of BeOS DR8.” and “Ultra-Skidmarks (working title) has been completely re-written in C (and some C++)”.
It will be really nice if this game ended up having a new home in the depot as a native game.
If someone adapted this game I offer myself to work on the graphics area.
I’m already imagining re-rendering the graphics in the style of Haiku’s icons :star_struck: !

Well, enough dreaming for today, sorry too for the off-topic.

Hope this BeBox finds a good home and is kept alive and running :grinning:.

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Thank you Boomzilla! BeBox is safe and sound!


Yay! Glad it got a good home.