ANTLR on Haiku

Has anyone tried to make the ANTLR runtime (for C++) run on Haiku?
If so, can you please tell me what should I know?

It uses CMake as build system and is pretty much standard C++17 (in current versions), so I don’t see a problem building and using it on Haiku.

The antlr tool (to actually build grammars) is based on Java. We have OpenJDK available in the Depot, so that should just work as well. You can just download the JAR file and run it from the terminal.

I am unsure if making a package for haikuports (for the C++ runtime and/or the tool) would make sense in this case.

I only used antlr on Windows so far, and we use the C++ runtime as a static library which is directly linked into our application. But it could be used as a shared library as well.

antlr_cpp (the C++ runtime) is now available as a package in Haiku Depot, together with the tool and Java runtime.!/pkg/antlr_cpp/haikuports/haikuports_x86_64/4/11/1/-/1/x86_64?bcguid=bc142-ATKC