Anti-spam measure for IRC #haiku


Hi there!

As freenode is currently quite heavily attacked by spam bots, the #haiku channel mutes all users that have not registered and identified their nickname. Before other people can read what they say, an op has to give them a voice (+v).

See below, how to configure Vision to identify your registered nickname when connecting.


Don’t use “automatically execute” for authenticating with NickServ. Use Vision’s “server password” instead

This way you are authenticated directly as you connect.


Thanks! I didn’t know that. It works.


As some have difficulties with setting up Vision with the registered password, here a screenshot that may help:

( In case the shot appears again…: )

The “Ident” field holds the nickname you’ve registered with.
The “Use password” in the server window is the password you registered with.

How do I identify myself on freenode?