Anti-spam measure for IRC #haiku


Hi there!

As freenode is currently quite heavily attacked by spam bots, the #haiku channel can only be joined when your nickname is registered. Otherwise you’ll be diverted to #haiku-forwarding.

If you use Vision’s “Automatically execute” to identify your nickname with NickServ and join channels, the joining of #haiku may be quicker than the identification at NickServ. In that case, just /join #haiku manually after NickServ responded.


Don’t use “automatically execute” for authenticating with NickServ. Use Vision’s “server password” instead

This way you are authenticated directly as you connect.


Thanks! I didn’t know that. It works.


As some have difficulties with setting up Vision with the registered password, here a screenshot that may help:

( In case the shot appears again…: )

The “Ident” field holds the nickname you’ve registered with.
The “Use password” in the server window is the password you registered with.