[Answered] Regarding Beta4 (and recent memory leak fixes)

Ahoy dear devs,

After getting fix for a memory leak in Beta 4 recently (#18724),

and read about a memory leak fix

in ticket #18585 also

meanwhile remembered a Mediaplayer issue (#18654) that was fixed for memory leak as well in ffmpeg …

Can we get such memory leak fixes in Beta4 ?

I searched for ‘Memory leak’ among tickets
to collect recent ones

1 → to have the correct ticket numbers
2-> to see what was already enabled in Beta4

– ticket #18724 : we got the fix in Beta4 recently - thanks for it !

– ticket #18654 : look at below, I enlist the fix for asking about ,
as still not applied for Beta4

– ticket #18585 : look at below, I enlist the fix for asking about ,
as patiently waiting for answer : can be applied soon ?

– ticket #18357 :
Deskbar originated memory leak by mentioned vector bitmap change -

I am uncertain about that it relates to Beta4 as the change number was not written in the ticket and mentined hrevs were after Beta4 released, so that change might not applied for r1beta4 even by selected revisions/patches.
At first sight it seems does not relate as it was fixed by reverting that change possibly relates only for master branch.- aka nightlies.

– ticket #18344 : the memory leak fix here was already backported to Beta4 by ticket history

ticket #18266 : it was not a memory leak issue after peek in

– ticket #18200 : still not fixed by ticket history

I found no more recent ones, at least with ‘Memory leak’ filter …

Also checked r1beta4 branch on Gerrit.

I found more ffmpeg fix in beta4 branch branch, but not the following

ffmpeg: fix leak when decoding audio frames hrev57382

which was the above mentioned ffmpeg memory leak fix of ticket #18654.

Of course, as #18585 just fixed recently … we can wait for application, as usual

but we would be happy if both mentioned network patches would be selected for applications - altogether with ffmpeg one -

in r1beta4 branch.

Thanks for your consideration and reply -


#18654 #18357 - The problem never existed in beta4, it was a regression in nightlies after beta4 release.

#18585 - This was fixed just yesterday, we will wait a week or two to make sure it doesn’t break anything else before we put it in beta4 bugfixes

#18654 #18357 Understood.

As I wrote above : it’s OK for me if we should be waiting, as usual, I just wanted confirmation it would arrive to us - as in the ticket there were no mentioning as Beta4 is not related at all , but on the contrary - the version in ticket : was set to R1/beta4.

It’s just about communication - not hurrying anything.
But of course … understand it … it may appear also that way, due to some others’ post, who urge - let’s say smoothly - ‘interesting’ modifications/changes here.

Thanks for the reply - that’s all.