[Answered] Internet connection possible from USB tethering to android mobile?

I would like to install Haiku on my desktop PC, Gigabyte mobo-g41m-combo rev2, intel Pentium D processor, 1 GB RAM, 160GB HDD
Unfortunately, I do not have wired LAN or any wireless routers. Just use my mobile data. Will HAIKU support internet connection via USB tethering to Android mobile?
Linux user from 2008, Slackware user from 2013…

Welcome! I’m sorry to say, though at the moment, Haiku doesn’t support networking through Android-based USB tethering. This should be a feature that will come in the future, though I can’t guarantee when exactly. (We are a volunteer based project after all :slight_smile:)

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Android WiFi tethering, however, does work; I’ve used it myself sometimes. I think @PulkoMandy also has?

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I wondered about WiFi. If the computer doesn’t support it natively, maybe a USB WiFi device could be made to work.

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What I do with my old Athlon 64 is using an old discarded router with OpenWRT and set it as a wireless client. That way I get regular ethernet for my machine.
I do have some spare Ralink cheap wifi dongle, but Haiku doesn’t seem to support it (and I wouldn’t use it anyway, since it is horrible and unstable in any OS I’ve used it)

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I had connected successfully to an Android device as Wi-Fi hot spot from a nightly before beta 2. 64bit.

Thanks for your replies
Bash4.3# iwconfig
usb0 no wireless extensions
lo no wireless extensions
eth0 no wireless extensions
Slackware 14.2, kernel 4.4.227
So, looks like I might not be able to install Haiku as of now…maybe full release version will support USb tethering…

Please… what is a ‘nightly’…?

Sorry :slight_smile:
I mean a nightly Haiku 64-bit development build. There are developer builds of Haiku between official system releases like Beta1 and Beta2.

Still, went ahead, downloaded the r1beta2 iso. Checked SHA256sum found ok. Burnt on a DVD, using ‘cdrecord’ exactly as described on HAIKU website, installation document. DVD burnt correctly. Inserted into DVD drive of desktop PC with BIOS, set to boot from a DVD drive first. The drive read the DVD for some time (LED blinking on DVD-drive). Meanwhile, monitor is blank, no display. CPU fan running. Red colour LED on desktop (HDD access?) blinking.
Typing from laptop. Desktop in same state. If any suggestions come now, I will try it.

Is it so hard to boot Haiku?
On the DVD that I burnt, there are 4 files. boot.catalog, esp.image, haiku-boot-floppy.image , README.html. Is something missing?

Press and hold the SHIFT or SPACEBAR key when you see the BIOS boot screen.

  • Get to the Haiku Boot menu and enable fail-safe video.

If newer 64-bit machine with UEFI:

  • Disable CSM in BIOS

You can get into online ‘syslog’ debugging enabled while booting, but see if the other options work.

My god!
When I pressed space bar and shift key at boot screen, Haiku boot loader opened up.
The monitor displayed showed ‘default’. This setting does not work. There was no option of ‘fail safe’. There was an option ‘standard vga’ selected it. Did not work
In the third restart, I set it to the third option some resolution, 32 bit. Asked it to continue booting. My dell monitor displayed a message that said ‘this option cannot be displayed’. Still waited. After some time, blue screen displayed. Everything showed up as it should. The menu also came up.
Thanks cocobean
Still, I am somewhat perturbed that, I had to press shift key, space bar key, to get the DVD booting.
Should the shift and spacebar key kept pressed on all computers for the install DVD to boot?
So far, all the install DVD live DVD that I have used have booted without manual intervention
…may be the monitor reolutions must be made generic…default setting of Haiku installer does not work on Dell monitor

So, after exploring for some time, I gave a shutdown command. Patiently waiting for it to shut down…‘shutdown status’ showing ‘shutting down’…10 minutes over…still
Is this normal? Looks like I have to pull the plug and switch off the power