Another like qt? c++ framework?

Dear folks
today my github feed mention me about this project … copperspice.
i just want to share this interesting topic…

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i take some text for short decription:



CopperSpice is a set of individual libraries which can be used to develop cross platform software applications in C++. It is a totally open source project released under the LGPL V2.1 license and was initially derived from the Qt framework. Over the last several years CopperSpice has completely diverged, with a goal of providing a first class GUI library to unite the C++ community.

Our motivation for developing CopperSpice was to change the fundamental design and turn the existing framework into a set of libraries for C++ developers. We are accomplishing this by leveraging modern C++ functionality, new technology, and modern tooling. CopperSpice currently requires C++17 or newer.

The libraries available in CopperSpice include:

since its c++ so i think it’s interested because haiku is c++ too

Modernizing Qt sounds like a good idea. It can be frustrating in 2024 to work with C++ libraries that still seem to think we’re in 1997. But this is a gigantic task. It’s going to have a lot of problems. And I’m not sure how they were able to relicense the code.

I don’t think they neccesarily did. It was QT who started adding lgpl 3 code in qt 5.4. Aslong as they did not use this code they are fine using it under lgpl 2.1 .


Will need some patching :wink: first thing to do is add support for Q_OS_HAIKU and fix undefined references :smiley: