Announcement of a Haiku Fan

this is just a first announcement of a new and upcoming Haiku forum powered by vBulletin !

Platform: vBulletin 4.x CMS fully licensed - sponsored by “me” (no need for any donation)


  • Mods
  • Users
  • Designers
  • Haiku Fans
  • clerics spreading the word

contact me for any questions or suggestions:

I try to install all that stuff during the current weekend …

Thanks for supporting !

you may now use the forum :slight_smile:

hi. nice to hear! by the way, the name of the software is simply ‘Haiku’ (not Haiku OS, as our domain name unfortunately implies. we have been unable to acquire, .net and so forth)

thx, I will change it just right now :slight_smile:

Very interesting! I think this is an awesome way to spread Haiku around the globe. Thanks for sponsoring, it keeps costs down, although if enough people contribute to your site, perhaps adding donation to give back to Haiku would be cool!

I’m an entry level programmer (Python, Java, HTML4/5) and a HUGE Haiku fan! If there is anything I can do to help/contribute to your new site, just message me @ thewisetent(at)

Also, I’ve navigated to and it’s just a simple page courtesy of your webhost… (I assume you knew this, but just wanted to check).



i create my own web engine with functionality of social network like facebook or twitter. i use it for my haiku slovak portal

you can download sources from :