Announcement: New/updated in HaikuDepot (2021)

This is a thread strictly for short announcements of new or updated software.
If you find problems with the presented software or encounter any other issues, please open a new specfic topic to avoid derailing this thread.

These topics are a yearly installment to avoid one very long mega-thread.

Past announcements:

I pushed ImagePlay ( BFH ImagePlay - Rapid Prototyping for Image Processing ) to the depot. It is 64 bit only for now, because pkg-config pass wrong include folder for OpenCV4 · Issue #5596 · haikuports/haikuports · GitHub .

It allows to the user to play comfortable with opencv.

P.S.: To connect the boxes use the right mouse button. Camera obviously not working, and keep in mind ImagePlay can’t handle video files.


Working on a proper fix for opencv on 32-bit, but seems to be working for now (wip) :slight_smile:


opencv has been fixed and ImagePlay can be installed now on both arch’s :slight_smile:


Forgot that this existed. Maybe this should be pinned? It would be a useful place for users to watch for new software.
Anyways, here are the software that I ported which haven’t been posted in the forum before.


A visual browser for the small-internet with support for HTTP/HTTPS, Gemini, Gopher, Finger, and more.

Strange Adventures in Infinite Space (SAIS):

One of the first sci-fi roguelikes in video game history, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space puts players in a futuristic space setting to have short adventures in minutes that are never exactly the same.


So far Kristall is available for 64-bit only, build fails (local and on the buildbot) with the message “out of memory”

Kristall requires around 4 GB RAM at least to build, since the software embdes binaries inside resources (such as some fonts). It causes GCC to handle them in multiple stages. This is why OOM occurs when trying to build it on a 32-bit host and therefore, no 32-bit package.

Thanks to the groundwork of @win8linux I was able to do some researching and a checkout on the beta branch for the youtube-dl-gui, so far been able to download audio files and video files together with the audio :clap:


Yep, the recipe needed ffmpeg as a dep:

Still thinking about whether to stick with basing on a release tag or not, especially since major features like playlist support are landing in the beta and main branches.

Yep, but maybe there could be a new release soon, he probably will import the beta branch into the main branch, the issues we are facing are not related to the app but due to dependencies not being used if they are not mentioned in the recipe

Depends on how closely you’ll watch the project and if you’re prepared to do the testing of every feature that hits the github, and create quick fix releases when bugs are squashed. I can imagine that becomes tiring soon.
If you stick to actual releases, you can expect those to work OK without too many bugs (normally, depends on the project…).

New version of HPKGCreator Version 1.6.

  • check package name of free space (1.5-2)
  • check all needed data added (1.5-2)
  • add hvif icon to files/folders (1.6-1)
  • ask before remove file (1.6-1)
  • add post-install script (bug removed)

System analysis tool

  • export as html file
  • online hardware list of beslySAT


As an update to this, the recipe for youtubedl-gui has been merged and the package should now be available in HaikuDepot to download. It is currently based on the 1.0 release, however we expect a new one to potentially arrive at any moment given the rapid pace of the main and beta branches.


New game online (BeSly Repo:


classic shuffle game sorting picture-elements


New Version 1.7

  • Import HPKG: Readout not editable (by HPKGCreator) entries of the imported hpkg file.
  • Writing not editable files back to the package then creating
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Thanks to the issue filed by @mazbrili at haikuports and the help of one of the main developers for TuxPaint we now have SVG support in TuxPaint! (Checked on 32bit and 64bit), although it has been a strugle (updating librsvg and gdk-pixbuf in the meantime, it worked out in the end) :smiley:


For those interested, librsvg has been updated to the latest stable, would be nice if someone with a need for it could check it out :wink:

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thanks @Begasus my child will not complain again why they stamp is not visible like on old opensuse installation :slight_smile:


Ah yes the stamps where seperately downloadable. Is this still so? My kids are grown up so I wonder…
They had a lot of fun with TuxPaint.

Indeed, stamps can be downloaded separately, didn’t think about that one, thanks on pointing this out @brunobastardi!

its already on depot @Begasus… big stamp collection

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