And right after fltk

I managed to build dillo-plus now that fltk-1.3 has been ported on xlibe. openssl is required.
The build includes some small binaries but I really can’t say what their purpose is (maybe I skipped reading some docs…).
The main window opens up and the site can be visited, although the browser stops responding very soon.
Moreover, there are still many edges to iron out (hardcoded directories need to be fixed), but I must admit there is much much more out of my scope, and I definitely need some rest.
A current patch file is here and be aware there is a nasty NULL BYTE in the middle of a text file (test/Makefile) which makes it very hard to handle for most text editors - nano is among the good ones.
Have fun!


Did you manage to debug this at all? It’s possible that it’s a bug in Xlibe, the FLTK port, or something else like that. (Or it could just be a bug in the application itself, of course.)

Nice to see fltk being used to check ports to Haiku. :ok_hand: