An Update from the Promotion Team | Haiku Project

It would be funny to change all profanity to Haiku. Imagine the following angry rant:

“I don’t know what the Haiku you are talking about, you must have Haiku for brains… I really Haikuing don’t like what you are saying”…

That could be quite funny. :wink:


Would be nice to hear something Haikuing new from the:

Haikuing Promotion Team

We have an article in the works from @animortis, our newest member! You’ll be able to read it on the blog once it’s done.

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There’s a Call for Participation ongoing for KDE’s Akademy 2021:

Perhaps someone from the community can talk about KDE and Qt apps on Haiku? The event looks like a potentially great avenue to raise Haiku’s recognition and find other projects to collaborate with.