An alternative site with repository of ARM & RISCV hpkg files

My proposal in future is a make a new site with ARM & RISCV version of Haiku, with place at new repository of new version of this (ARM & RISCV) hpkg files.
What do you Think about that ? Haiku inc make a new version of old site ?

Obviously. Once other architectures become supported, there’ll be downloads of official Haiku images for them and package repos.


I think a build a ecosystem with compile code on RPI4 and VisionFive2. All by the lan network and distcc. When I compile a stuff for Haiku ARM and RISC-V , what with distribution this packets? Haiku Inc think about this? The New sub site or site for alternate architectures?

kallisti5 is working on setting up the repository for risc-v but it’s a bit difficult to get all the packages building for now (lots of crashes, incorrectly configured paths, …)

The repository will be online when this is all fixed.

For ARM we’ll have to wait until the system is booting first :slight_smile: