AMD64 and other questions

I’ve been watching the development of Haiku for the last months and I’m very interested, since I like to experiment with other OS. I have a few questions, since I want to contribute in some way with the proyect.

  • Has anybody checked the work of Haiku in the AMD64 platform?
  • Can Haiku be compiled through a Linux’s gcc, and has been checked if can be compiled with the 64bit modifiers?
  • Which files must be compiled to have at least a working kernel, file system and shell?

I know that many people is interested in using this OS as an stable OS for older computers, but I think is a good idea to start a development in this platform.


I’m also interested in these questions…

Many thanks…

I don’t think anyone has worked on AMD64… yet. As it is, it should run in 32-bit mode and eventually I know that someone will be cracking away at 64-bit mode.