AMD Graphics Card Installation and/or Compatibility

I’m new to Haiku and am trying to run it on my desktop computer. I got it installed just now and I would like to get a graphics card working. Right now every time I boot I need to use graphics safe mode.

I have a AMD Radeon Pro WX 5100 and AMD Radeon RX 550. If possible I would like to get these graphics cards working. I am not sure how to go about getting this done. Does Haiku have some form of generalized driver for AMD graphics cards at least? I would settle for that.

Is there a certain PCI-E graphics card that works well with Haiku? I don’t mind using older cards.

Maybe your Radeon card needs add to Haiku their hw ID


listimage | grep accel

That is only a problem if you don’t get native resolution, otherwise it doesn’t matter. If you get a black screen while booting with a normal driver please make a bug report about that.

@luuvki I types your command and this is the output:

2047 0x0000019e0d448000 0x0000019e0d64c000 0 0 /boot/system/add-ons/accelerants/vesa.accelerant

… what does it mean?

My Radeon RX 550 works fine on nightly builds of Haiku. I believe the support for that card was only added after Beta2 was released.

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When I boot I get a black screen and there is no option for my native resolution which is 1600x1200. I’m not sure I understand your reasoning.

I will report this incompatibility.

@Lrrr awesome! Just what I wanted to hear. I currently have my Radeon Pro WX 5100 and it gives me a black screen. I have yet to install my RX 550.

What Haiku do you use? Which version? Click on the blue leaf and choose about Haiku. 64bit or 32bit version?
You should use a Haiku nightly build with all the updates.

Make your bugreport here:

For now you can blacklist your current no-working driver. Read here how to:

Your radeon driver is here: /boot/system/add-ons/kernel/drivers/bin
radeon or radeon_hd

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I use the 64-bit nightly build. I have already reported the bug:

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Have you let it sit at the black screen for a minute to see if it changes? I should note that sometimes changing screen resolutions on my RX550 will cause my monitor to go out of sync for ~5 seconds.

Edit: Nevermind, I see from your previous post that your system was using the vesa accelerant which wouldn’t have caused that problem.

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I get the black screen on boot into the OS after the icons trun from gray to colored. The only way I can get to see graphics while in Haiku is via the VESA safe mode which I think is the VESA accelerant you mentioned. I have waited hours and it wont proceed. So this is where I am at with my AMD Radeon Pro WX 5100.

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Well, actually I never got my radeons to work yet (RX560 and integrated Vega). Radeon HD driver produces the same result as what you pointed out @davidpgil. Only workaround for me is the blacklisting, and use safe video mode.

Nonetheless, @Lrrr says the RX550 works, so I’ll check it out later with the RX560 (20210306>which finally doesn’t work), with the Integrated Vega an app_server crash appears after the rocket in the boot process, before showing the desktop. I’ll add the syslogs to the ticket. The issue you reported in bug tracker might be the same I reported long ago :slight_smile: :


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