AMD Board that works

I write that i buy very cheap ITX board, its true very cheap, doesnt have much power, but for haiku is good

Radeon R2 works with radeon accel

~> listimage | grep accel
1878 0x01a79000 0x01a96000 0 0 /boot/system/add-ons/accelerants/radeon_hd.accelerant
ethernet works
i dont try sound card but seems that is work too , media prefs display HD Audio,

Gigabyte E6010N

so … you mean this board have accelerated graphic enable?

He means the radeon_hd accelerant (BeOS name for a graphics driver) picked it up, so at least it does not have to fall back to VESA video or whatever is supported by the BIOS or EFI. It is definitely good to know a board working in that way.

It still doesn’t quite mean accelerated graphics in the normal sense, though maybe we have some 2D acceleration in that driver, but nothing in Haiku has the modern concept of 3D acceleration yet.

Unfortunately I don’t see this board in the US market from what I can tell online.

oh i see… thanks for clearing up :smiley: :+1:

My AMD card (polaris 11) work but resolution of monitor is not correct, please increse
this for FHD and UHD.