Amazon Smile ending

FYI Amazon Smile is ending.

Not sure how many others used it but I had my purchasing setup to donate to Haiku.

Amazon Smile donations from the last few financial reports of Haiku Inc.:

2017: $180.65
2018: $160.69
2019: $194.94
2020: $339.18
2021: $445.91

So, a bit of a shame that Amazon Smile is ending, what with our clear upward trend… :slight_smile:
They are dwarfed, however, by the donations via PayPal. The fees there are twice of what came in via Amazon. PayPal donors should seriously consider giving via GitHub, which for now don’t charge any fees.


Hah! Thanks for digging.
It was an easy thing to set and forget but oh well.

Yes, very good point. I used to make monthly donations, but last year made one payment for the year in order to minimise Paypal fees (which are very high for small amounts).
This year I am back to monthly donations, but using GitHub, where the fees are zero, as you say.
And of course, it’s free to belong to GitHub, too.


For reasons not relevant here I’m thoroughly done with Paypal, and won’t touch it ever again. I had no idea Github have zero-fee donations so that’s really good to know. I’ll see if I can set up a monthly donation :slight_smile: (banks here are sometimes finnicky with these things).


If you want to setup a one-time or monthly donation to Haiku on Github, here is the link:


Paypal tried to jump on the thought police bandwagon and was immediately put into damage control. The people that desire freedom have had enough.


Donations via github work pretty well (at least for me). It’s also easy to set up :slight_smile:

GitHub incidentally just announced by e-mail that they are stopping PayPal support for GitHub Sponsors on February 23th. Looks like they aren’t happy with PayPal, either.

Thanks for that. I haven’t heard anything from either Paypal or Github, so we’ll see whether the next payment goes through or not. I had set up my Github payment through Paypal, and neither of them charged anything, which was nice. But if they’re not making any money it’s perhaps not a surprise that one or other wants to pull out.

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I went to Github, and there was the message re Paypal. It only took a couple of seconds to change to credit card payment.
Thanks again.

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