Amazon Donate link broken

Looks like the amazon donation link is broken. Trying to use it just takes you to (some help page about disputing transactions).

Just thought I’d mention it =)

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Hmmm, I believe this hasn’t worked for a while as I think Amazon cancelled the program. We currently only get a bit of money from AmazonSmile as far as Amazon properties are concerned.

Where is the Amazon donation link you found?

Submit a donation, main page…?

This doesn’t have anything to do with amazon smile.

@leavengood, can you take a look at this, then?

Yeah I can look in the next few days, I can’t right now.

OK, this should be fixed, though I see other issues with the Haiku, Inc site to work on as well.

Oh, I see that Haiku inc har 6 bordmemers but only 5 listed:)