Alucard (Terminal theme)


Ive created a repo to upload my themes (haiku itself, terminal, wallpapers, and others)

The first one is alucard, a terminal theme inspired in the Drácula color scheme in light and dark variants

If you Have create a theme or wallpaper… pelease send me to pull and create a big Haiku theming site

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Great initiative! OK to link to it from our own sites or would you prefer to hold off until there is more content?

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Link other sites is good for me :smiling_face:

Nice! Got those Dracula color schemes for KDE installed and using them in some of the apps here. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I guess those are only for the nightly installs?

I have some wallpapers. Feel free to mirror. Misc Haiku utilities and ports - Browse /wallpapers at

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Added 2 new ui themes and later today i can upload the Michael collection

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