Alternative icons from McClintock

Hi, since years I have the icon pack of HVIF icons of McClintock, but recently I’ve found that McClintock made another set of cool icons: (on the middle of this page), like this one:

All these icons (as zip archives, but the icons are in *.bin and *.dmg files) are available here:

and here another set of screenshots:

(by web archive, since its website seems no longer available); the “problem” is that these archives contains not hvif or svg files, but *.bin and *.dmg files :-[

As I’ve said, in the McClintock icon pack which I have, these icons aren’t available… I tried to convert png to svg, but the result is poor

Someone have some idea how to convert dmg or bin files to svg?
Or maybe if there is an icon pack with these cool icons in hvif? :slight_smile:

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Seen this?

Sure: these are those which I already have.

If you look at the links which I posted (also the image on the first post) you will notice that McClintock made also different icons.

Seems that in the beginning, McClintock made these icons in BeOS style, for OS X; who is the author of the conversion to hvif format? @3dEyes?