Alternate downloads (torrents, etc.)

Has the idea of alternate download methods for disk images, like torrents been discussed?

It may be hard to implement right now due to a small userbase, and may mean that in the
short term, the original download server is the only seed, but it has the distinct
advantage that the more the userbase grows, and the more people leave their client online
after their own download has finished, the more it relieves the stress on the original

As a bonus, torrents are automatically check-summed during download with no user
interaction, so the chances of a corrupt download go down.

Releases such as the four alpha releases have been available via many means such as torrents.
The last alpha release torrents can be found at:

It’s good that there are mirror servers/torrents for the last alpha release.

I was thinking of the nightlies.

Presumably a cron job or similar to seed a torrent, and add the link to the existing nightly download page? It should be possible to automate, so it doesn’t waste time better spent on other areas of development.

torrent the nightlies? they’d lose seeds daily.

The nightlies change too often (every night) so there is little point in providing torrents for them. By the time people start seeding them, a new one would already be available. This is why we do this only for the stable releases.


I’m revamping this old thread since I’ve just read the announcement of beta1 cough cough RC release :slight_smile:

If this could help, I’ve a couple of Raspberry Pis acting as NAS which are able to seed torrents if needed and a good network speed (at night, at least). I would be very to share some bandwhich here.

just let me know how i can help :slight_smile:

There are torrents listed on the release page.

Not quite sure if this is allowed, but I’m currently seeding the torrents using a virtual server on Google Cloud:

The seeding is going well thanks to Google’s fast network, but I’m wondering if this is legal. The content itself should be fine though. However, I’m concerned if this is violating something else. Until Google does take action about it, the seeding will go on! Go Haiku!

I seed from home. :slight_smile:


24/7 1Gbit seeding from my Raspbian cluster :slight_smile:

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I don’t see what would be illegal. I don’t know about Google Cloud terms of service however, but the worst you risk is your account being banned from there, right?