Alpha2 not booting. Dell Latitude c640

Haiku Alpha1 was working fine in my pc. I installed Alpha2 over Alpha1, it was still working fine. Then I decide to clean up the old system. I just delete and recreate the partition. Then install the Alpha2 to my Dell Latitude C640. It is booting from the CD successfully, installing without error. But not booting from hard disk.

First I created the partition from Haiku disk. It was saying problem booting the operating system. Then I created the partition from XP disk, then initialize it from Haiku with the default options. It is now saying no bootable disk found.

I can use the livecd without problem.

Please help.

First, are you installing this as the only OS onto the C640, or do you have other data/partitions on it? I’m a little unsure about my instructions below, so if you value your data, check on what you’re doing ;). With that out of the way:

You probably need to run makebootable from the live CD to make the Haiku partition you created bootable.
makebootable /dev/disk/path_to_my_haiku_partition
For a detailed background information, read

Another possibility is that you need to install a new bootloader in the MBR, if you ‘installed’ XP. Either grub, or bootman.

Hope this helps, and that others will fill in the gaps.

Thanks for the quick reply. This is the only os in the pc. Can you guide me how to get the path to haiku partition please?

Problem solved. Set the default boot partition as haiku from tool menu.