Alpha 4 on ASUS 4G Surf - start problem

I was try to install Alpha 4 on my old ASUS 4G Surf, with 4Gb SSD and 2Gb RAM.
On another PC I have created installation USB with Win32 Disk Imager and haiku-r1alpha4-anyboot.img
When I boot from USB stick it just stop after Haiku splash screen, and I couldn’t get next screen.
I have another standard notebook, and when I tray the same USB stick on it, it start normally.
Is there any way to use Haiku on this netbook.

Your problem might very well be the integrated Intel graphics and the associated Haiku Intel-extreme driver. To check this, repeatedly press the space bar as Haiku boots. Start doing this before the splash screen appears.


  1. Select safe mode options from the boot loader menu
  2. Select "Use fail-safe video mode" from the next menu
  3. Select "Return to main menu"
  4. Select "Continue booting"

At that point you may be able to use Haiku in VESA 800x600 mode. There is a ticket for this at:

  • Ron

It wasn’t problem with graphic driver.
There is an option in bios “OS Installation”, and I changed it to [Finished].
Now, everything work fine.

My Asus netbook booted just fine from the USB. I partitioned the hard drive with BFS. I ran the installer on the hard drive. Then I got the boot loader just fine, but it didn’t see the Haiku install. If I boot back into the USB, it only saw an unnamed partition that didn’t take up the full disk. So I took some empty space on the hard drive, created a 60 gig partition and installed Haiku on that. Then the boot loader stopped showing up, but if I booted back into the USB, at least it could see that install in tact as a mountable drive. At this point I have that 60 gig Haiku partition, and am going to install linux on another partition I create. Hopefully I’ll be able to use the linux boot menu to access my Haiku install. :frowning: