Alpha 4 download link

Could someone please share an Alpha 4 download link for me please? 64bit anyboot.

There is no 64-bit anyboot of alpha4, the x64 port of Haiku was still in its infancy then and was not part of the release.

Thanks. What about the 32bit?

After a trip to to see where the mirrors were, it looks like it can still be downloaded from sourceforge:

Well, the page seems not linked from the website, but it’s easy to guess the URL from the beta1 download page:

No need to go through :slight_smile:

If you are feeling classy, you can even download Alpha 4.1 from our old site :wink: :

Sorry all, ya I meant alpha 4.1. Thanks!

I did try the guessing route first, but didn’t guess right (added the .1 resulting in page not found) :slight_smile:

I was looking for this too and I have to say, it wasn’t all that easy to find. Glad it is still online! :wink: