After installing Haiku on an AMD A8 laptop "No Sys Loader!" error pops up


I decided to try out the latest Haiku pre-beta release ( on my old ASUS laptop with AMD A8 processor inside (CSM mode enabled). The system booted from the USB device in the safe mode, detected the internal hard drive and the USB stick and installed perfectly fine, however, after booting from the internal hard drive I discovered that Haiku’s bootloader did not install properly on the hard drive, had an error and entered a reboot loop.

How should I fix this problem?

My computer specs:

  • AMD A8 Charizo APU with Radeon R5 graphics
  • 8 GB of RAM, which are not detected by Haiku at all unless you boot in the safe mode
  • Internal 1 TB hard drive from Toshiba
  • 3 USB 2.0 ports, UEFI firmware, Realtek network adapter for Ethernet, ACPI supported

P.S. Right now the Haiku bootloader finally stopped rebooting my computer all over again and instead popped up with an error:

“No Sys Loader!”

That error means that Boot loader is not installed, boot again with the iso, run to desktop, open a terminal and run BootManager. There you can select disk to boot from.

Note: nothing will be written on disk until the very last step. (Want to write…?)

Can you check the size of the patition you created?
I suspect the DriveSetup bug showed up again (it creates a smaller sized partition than the values you actually entered).
If you can confirm that, delete it and create another one using a different tool, and then initailize it with DriveSetup.

UEFI does not work out of the box just yet; we’re working on that. But I’m not sure if your processor is affected by the “instant reboot” bug anyway, @kallisti5 would know?

This bug did appear, as instead of creating a 921 GB partition Haiku’s partition manager created only a 621 GB partition.

I’ll try that when I find a suitable USB 2.0 stick. For some reason Haiku doesn’t want to boot from my Transcend USB 3.0 flash drive (it boots, but it just fails with a debugger prompt telling me that it can’t find the boot device).

P.S. Found a TDK USB 3.0 stick from which Haiku booted perfectly fine. I wonder why the Transcend stick didn’t work.

Some notes here:

  • “Missing partitions!” message at boot can be due to trying to boot Haiku from a USB 3.0 Flash drive.
    • Cause is our USB XHCI stack. “If your controller has issues, the first issue you’ll see is a failure to find the boot partition.”
  • I have seen some cheap Microcenter USB sticks that refuse to boot Haiku. (The BIOS doesn’t even detect them as bootable)
    • Cause unknown. In theory all USB flash drives should work the same at this level… but this issue is proof that’s not completely true.

I tried an usb2 stick on usb3 port and it KDL just before FirstBootPrompt, syslog mentioned something about write timeout on XHCI