After highlighting, Okular crashes on Save/Save As action

Anyone having this issue with Okular?

When I hightlight text with either color, after redaction I perform a File > Save (or Save As)–Okular crashes.

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Haven’t used the program recently. But I have been seeing things like this the past few days

It seems there is a bit of dependecny hell going on.

My last system update occurred yesterday with 116 packages were updated. I had a similar issue the calligra_okular_plugins package was replaced and dropped popplerqt (?) with the other QT updates.

From Terminal:

~> Okular 
QWidget::setMinimumSize: (okular_sidebar/Sidebar) Negative sizes (0,-1) are not possible
kf.kio.widgets: Failed to check which JobView API is supported "Not connected to D-Bus server"
Kill Thread

The problem is in the KIO module, and more specifically in (apparently) ioslaves. I’m trying to figure it out, but no luck so far.

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This error message has nothing to do with our problem.

As it turns out, OpenBSD users have this problem as well - 463796 – KIO::copy Segmentation fault



Rightt, the actual error came later. :slight_smile:

Works great again!! Thanks to everyone involved in this fix!

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