After Haikuware

Okay, so as we all know, Haikuware and BeBits are down. While it is true that the Depot has become the de facto ‘store’ for installing Be/Haiku applications in the Nightlies, it is always good to have backups and alternative places. What I’ve noted is that links to several repositories are throughout the site, but may not be known to any newcomers.

That said, here’s all the links I’ve been able to find so far:

And here’s the official link for HaikuDepot online as well:

So… anyway, there’s the list if anyone wants to add to it, etc. and hopefully, it’ll help people looking for good sources for software.

Sad to see Haikuware go down as it was a good resource for things and I had my first Haiku app uploaded there for sharing. Definitely need to maintain these lifelines for old BeOS and Haiku apps. I noticed that SoundPlay is not yet availabe in Haiku Depot, which is one of my favorite apps of all time.

SoundPlay is also available on BeShare [take your pick from a wide selection of versions, both zip and hpkg…]. I hope everyone knows about BeShare – the venerable BeOS/Haiku filesharing and chat app. (I think one still has to avoid the version from HaikuDepot, though. It was buggy. I have a web page at Use v3.01 for current Haiku. There is also a 3.02 – available on BeShare itself.)

For SoundPlay, you’ll also want the free keyfile (from the author) also available on BeShare.

Should update this website, maybe i can.

There is also the automated build repository from mlotz.
Wich automatically builds packages from haikuporter.
But be aware using packages from this repositorys can/will break your haiku installation.
As it contains newer libs (like ffmepg or other) than as supported from haiku.