After dd'ed to the partition, how to resize that parition?

I’ve followed the “Installing a Haiku Image to a Disk Partition” guideline. Everything seems been ok, except the parition size is excatly 600MB.
So the question is how to resize this parition after dd’ed the image to this parition?

Currently you can’t. You should instead create a blank partition on your target device, then run the installer from another device to install to it.

Because befs will be inizialised in a current partition, if you resize them you destroy it.

If you have extended harddisk make a backup of you data, slit the partition into various partitions, install haku again from the extern hd or later copy your files there. If you are sly, inizialised a second partition with the same size and here you can make from time to time a backup (only install from your current haiku to the second one).

As a side note, we may or may not had/have BFS resize support:

Was a GSoC 2012 project, alas not merged yet.

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Yep, I tried to use installer 4-5 times, but every time it leads to a unbootable OS. But I finally made a bootable haiku, just gave the hard disk partition a different name which is not the same as the usb stick.

Wait, what? We have unmerged BFS partition resize support?!

adds to “rebase me” bookmarks file

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