Adjusting brightness in Haiku


is it possible to adjust brightness and colors in Haiku (without touching the physical screen options)? I can’t find a way to do it on the preferences?
I’d like to get a behavior similar to the redshift software: which automatically turn the screen dimmer and with red tones in the evening (to prevent sore eyes)

Good topic

but don’t have any app that set gamma colors on Haiku…

Funny, I was looking for this topic and I see my own post in the requests…

Any news on this? We don’t need a cool ACPI support and great power management…

Even a quick and dirty screen ajustement, even if it doesn’t prevent to over consume energy would be great.

I’ve installed the lastest Haiku on my laptop (sony vaio) and it’s a wonder, everything works perfectly, video, sound (almost for sound), wifi, bluetooth (even if I don’t really need it), the only problem is the screen is too bright and I can’t change this like on a separate screen. At night it’s really not usable because it’s so bright :frowning:

No news. I’m in the same boat with the backlight of my notebook being always on full power…
And I’d rather have the ACPI support and power management, thank you. :slight_smile:

Currently your only choice is to painstakingly adjust all the colours in the Appearance prefs. Do make a backup of it when you’ve finished… (~/config/settings/system/app_server/appearance).

ETA: you can always file an enhancement ticket at Haiku’s bugtracker and point to “Redshift”. Maybe someone is interested to add a nice little slider to manipulate all colours accordingly.

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For laptop screen brightness, in some cases you can adjust it using shortcutkeys. These won’t work in Haiku (yet), but you can do it while in the BIOS or even the bootman menu, before Haiku takes over. Then, the brightness will be preserved.

Adjusting gamma curves (as redshift does) is unrelated to the screen brightness, and doesn’t need ACPI. This can be implemented at the video driver level. As far as I know, none of our drivers allow it yet.


Again I was looking for this topic, and I arrive on both a thread I’ve started, and an answer I’ve already made :laughing:

I’ve just seen we can now adjust this brightness from the screen configuration, it’s a great addition!

I’ve just installed Haiku on 2 laptops today :wink: