Adding screen resolution, framebuffer

Hello everybody, I have just installed Haiku here in my notebook. The thing is, this notebook’s screen is broken so I’m using an external monitor. The screen resolutions available in the bootloader don’t match the resolution of my monitor, I looked around the posts here and found out that booting with UEFI I’m subjected to this Framebuffer driver thing and that by messing with it’s files I may be able to manually add another screen resolution. My question is: Where are these files?
ps. I’m having to enable “fail safe video mode” otherwise the screen gets black after the Haiku loading screen.

I’m not sure on what condition it works with efi but the file is here

Also try to disable CSM/Legacy boot in UEFI.

The only file I find there is the kernel one, I created a file called vesa according to this:

It didn’t do anything, neither on the bootloader nor in the preferences->screen

I based this topic on this comment:

Is the notebook screen disable in your motherboard BIOS? It could help if you can set it. Otherwise I guess that the bootloader will always offer resolutions for that broken screen since it will be considered at primary.

Then, while in your motherboard BIOS, check in UEFI boot section the setting mentioned by Diver. Some boards like it better disable.

Regarding the vesa file, unfortunately, there are different format. Sometimes, you only need to put a mode i.e. 800x600, other times you need to enter a modeline.

What chipset are you using? I have an intel_extreme chipset (i7 internal gfx) that results in a black screen, but after waiting between 5 seconds to 5 minutes the screen pops up. Most of the time it’s in under a minute, so it practically not annoying at all … :smile: