Adding Russian keymap with Udmurt characters to Haiku

Until today I used CharacterMap to insert additional Udmurt characters when needed. Today I realized that Keymap allow not only to view keymaps, but editing too and it’s quite easy. Even it’s quite easy…
I suggest to add to Haiku my resultant Russian keymap with additional characters for Udmurt, Komi and Mari languages specified.
As I can’t upload here, I uploaded it to

Hi iam,

of course, I have no way to check if your modified keymap is really correct. :slight_smile:
But I’ll add them to Haiku’s keymaps in good faith…

Normally, you submit these kind of contributions as an enhancement ticket at the bug tracker. So, if you have further changes to the keymap, try that.

Also, we need the “source” of your keymap, not the binary that you save from the Keymap preferences. keymap -d > MyKeymap does that for the currently set keymap, see the Keymap preferences chapter in the user guide.

I’ve done all that, just saying, if you or others have more or changes to keymaps, that’s how to go about it.