Adding Haiku to grub2

Following the instructions in Adding Haiku to Grub2 menu I added Haiku to grub2. Booting now offers me the option to start Haiku but when selected I get “error : invalid signature”.

Any suggestions?

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At now GRUB is not recommended. Better is a UEFI BOOT MENU or Manager, especially as a beta is release.

To configure that boot menu you must use a linux, recommended is arch. I made this on him.

It is always recommended to follow official Haiku documentation. For Grub boot it is, title Configuring GRUB boot manager.

I use Haiku on BIOS and on EFI systems. Haiku always boots with Grub1, Grub2.

If you post the screenshot, it may help. Bot “error : invalid signature” may mean:

  • Boot of wrong partition (Grub1 starts numbering of partitions from 0 while Grub2 from 1).
  • Haiku is installed on wrong partition type. Haiku uses 0xEB partition type on MBR partitioned disks or 0xEB00 on GPT partitioned disks. Haiku Installer only takes care of the appropriate partition type if you create a partition for Haiku with it. In case you only format an existing partition to BeFS, its type remains unchanged. AFAIK, this only affects EFI boot on certain systems (e.g. no Grub, no Bootman).