Add icon to lead you back to the main website

@bbjimmy recently mentioned on IRC that the forums could use a way to lead back to the main website I agree. As the logo traditionally and rightfully leads to the current website’s front page ( is a slightly annoying exemption here), how about adding another icon to the left of the search magnifying glass in the top bar.

To stick with the monochrome flat them there, how about this:

Here’s the WonderBrush file if it’s to be tweaked: Dropbox link



What I liked of the old forum was that it could be accessed directly from the Haiku website. There was an icon, and the five (?) discussions with recent activities were listed.

Since the changeover of the discussion forum, I have navigated between the Haiku site and the discussion forum via browser bookmarks. Which means that I do not go to the Haiku site as frequently as before.

I presume that the icon for the old forum still exists. It could takes its place back between the “Blog-O-Sphere” and “Latest Articles”.

This same icon could be used to return to the main page of the forum when displaying a post. This would allow the current Haiku icon (on the left of the header bar) to point back to the Haiku site.

In terms of location for the “return to forum main page” icon, I concur with Humdinger that it should be to the left of the magnifying glass icon.

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An after-thought…

If only the Forums icon is used on the Haiku site, then it could be shown first and separated from the “Blog-O-Sphere” icon by a blank space.

On the other hand, if the titles of the five discussions with recent activities are shown, as they were with the old forum, then the Forum icon should be in the middle (alphabetical order).

The main website had the “Recent posts” in the side-bar. The main website needs an overhaul. When that is tackled, things can be better integrated once more. For example, I’d like the main site to be simplified to look more like the forums, maybe with just one menu in the top bar center to switch between news, forums, community, docs&guides and development.

Anyway, that’s for a re-design in the future. The OT was to have a link now to the website through an icon in the top bar. Maybe @kallisti5 can have a look at that?


I certainly concur with the need.

What would be ideal is that the same icon is used for the jumping to the main forum page on both sites. I think that “recycling” the old Forum icon would be a good approach, if feasible, as we are already familiar with it.

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