ACRN hypervisor - good for Haiku?

The Linux Foundation & Intel are developing a new small open source hypervisor for IOT and low resource computers. It will run Linux as a service OS, and support multiple operating systems via VMs. They are accepting of contributions. So, just wondering if Haiku were to join/contribute and became a supported OS, whether it might be a way to get some hardware compatibility (for free, as it were) on the latest devices.

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When did haiku become an iot thing? Did I miss a focus shift?

HaikuIA… :smiley:


robhaiku - able to catch falling leaves at a single bound? :slight_smile:

Well at least the hypervisor sounds a useful technological advance over other, larger, hypervisors. Maybe a R2+ consideration…

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What would we do with it? Why would Haiku need an hypervisor?

HaikuIA = Haiku indipendend applications… Yes we have all over :wink: